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Mayet Attorneys Incorporated aims to become a leading South African law firm, providing innovative and practical legal solutions to a broad client base.


We offer a complete legal service to individuals and companies.

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Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Mayet Incorporated’s dispute resolution department has extensive experience advising its client’s in respect of delicate, complex, high value disputes that require effective solutions.
Mayet Incorporated’s assists client’s on all aspects of commercial litigation/dispute resolution.

Our services include:
•    representing clients in arbitrations
•    furnishing opinions to clients with regards to all aspects of dispute resolution
•    advising on and representing clients in settlement negotiations
•    advising clients on alternate dispute resolution processes, including mediation
•    assisting on administrative appeals in relation to decisions by regulatory bodies, including reviews of such decisions
•    all labour disputes, including disciplinary proceedings, employee benefits and executive dismissals;
•    constitutional and administrative law including disputes with industry regulators, judicial reviews of administrative and executive action, challenging the constitutionality of legislation and regulations, procurement disputes, expropriations and bill of rights litigation;
•    disputes involving pension funds, pension fund administrators, regulators, investment managers and other financial institutions;
•    environmental law; and
•    tax litigation (including alternative dispute resolution), specifically the lodging of objections and noting of appeals against tax assessments raised by the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service.

"Thank you Mayet Attorneys Incorporated for the services that they render to myself and my company. Mayet Incorporated ensure that I am legally protected before I undertake any venture and that protects myself and my company from being involved in legal disputes. Your services are appreciated."

Mr Moosa, Client

Mayet  Attorneys  Incorporated

We strive to provide a comprehensive legal service for all of our clients.